Ban Phe Grocery

Ban Phe offers basic groceries in Big C, Teco Lotus,  Makro and 7/11 and various local shops.

Other international groceries can be found in Phetra’s store and Olreyes:

Phetra Store

In Phetra’s shop opposite of “Taruaphe” pier you can find daily fresh bread, international food, wine and drinks

Petra's shop in Ban Phe


Olreyes restaurant has also a shop in the back and offers a good vine and spirit selections, Nordic food items and specialties.

Other grocery stores in Ban Phe

Super market chain recently openend in Ban Phe

Koh Samet is fun

Ban Phe

Where to stay in Ban Phe. A basic information platform about Ban Phe, Rayong, Thailand.

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