Koh Samet

Koh Samet is the largest island from the nearby “Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet” national park with various islands and very beautiful beaches. Its great destination to enjoy beach live and to relax.

Ban Phe Koh Samet beach
Beautiful and lonely Koh Samet beach

Koh Samet has beautiful beaches and clear water. It is an international tourist destination and the whole year frequently visited, especially during weekends or festivals.

You will find on Koh Samet both: Quiet and almost lonely beaches or vibrant beaches with lots of entertainment and sport activities.

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Beach in Ban Phe Koh Samet feels good
Sunset in Koh Samet
Beach in Koh Samet
Beautiful beaches in Koh Samet
Ban Phe Koh Samet feels good
Fire show at night
Ban Phe Koh Samet feels good
We love Koh Samet!
Ban Phe Koh Samet feels good
Enjoy island cocktails
Koh Samet Beach
Ready to swim?

Ko Samet is part of the “Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet” national park with other small islands around.

The Samet Archipelago includes after the largest and the only inhabited island Koh Samet also the following small islands: Koh Kudi, Koh Kruai, Ko Makham, Koh Plai Tin, Koh Chan, Koh Talu, Koh Klet Chalam, and Koh Thai Khang Kao.

All islands can be visited from Ban Phe or from Koh Samet with individual or group arrangements.

Koh Samet can be reached trough the public Na Dan Pier by public ferry (every hour between 8AM to 5PM) or by speedboat service to any beach.

Ao Wong Duean and Ao Wai beach have a daily public ferry.

All beaches can be reached by public Taxis.

Motorbikes are easily available to explore the island.   

Map of Koh Samet
Map of Kah Samet Island

Beaches in Koh Samet?

Koh Samet has various beaches and some are very vibrant with lots of bars, restaurants, entertainment and some are very lonely

Koh Samet has beautiful beaches and accommodation  according your budget.

Hat Sai Kaew beach (Koh Samet)
Hat Sai Kaew beach
Ao Hin Khok beach (Koh Samet)
Ao Hin Khok beach
Ao Phai beach
Ao Phai beach
Ao Put Sa beach
Ao Put Sa beach
Ao Nuan beach
Ao Nuan beach
Ao Cho Beach
Ao Cho Beach
Ao Wong Duean beach

Hotels in Koh Samet?

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What to do in Koh Samet?

Activities in Koh Samet

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What else to know?

Other information about Koh Samet?

Foreigners entering the national park have to pay an entrance fee of 200 THB, which is normally valid for 1 month. For Thai nationals the entrance fee is 40THB and normally valid for one single entry only. 

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